The Best Materials Used for Outdoor Furniture

The Best Materials Used for Outdoor Furniture

You want a patio that’s comfortable and functional, but above all, you want it to be beautiful: your own personal oasis. If you want your patio to stay that way, you need furniture that can endure all kinds of weather and still look as spectacular as the day you bought it. The best materials used for outdoor furniture are classics, because year after year, they do the job.

Wrought Iron

This material has been around a lot longer than patios—it’s been in style since the second century. “Wrought” means “worked by hand,” so it’s an incredible look for unique, handcrafted designs. It’s remarkably heavy and long-lasting, containing more than 99 percent pure iron. It’s often painted and powder coated to keep it from rusting.


This is the most used material in outdoor furniture by far; even synthetic resin furniture needs an aluminum base to cover. It’s strong, lightweight, resists moisture and rust damage better than other metals, and powder coating adds more protection. It’s heavy enough to withstand wind, but easily rearranged and stored.

Synthetic Resin

High Density Polyethylene is woven to look like wicker, so that it’s homey and traditional, but infinitely more capable of withstanding the elements. UV-resistant resin won’t fade or crack, and it’s easy to clean. This is a popular choice for patios with a tropical flavor.


This popular fine-grained hardwood is strong and won’t warp, crack, or deteriorate like other woods. Teak repels water and doesn’t expand or contract because of the weather. Its high natural oil content protects it from rot, decay, and insects. It can be cleaned with mild soap. With periodic oiling, teak has a honey brown appearance. Or it can take on a more rustic silver-gray tone over its lifespan, which can last up to 50 years.


The gold standard for outdoor upholstery is unarguably Sunbrella, a company that’s been making performance fabric since 1960. Sunbrella fabric is so rugged that it’s used for awnings, marine sailcloth, and even convertible tops. Its construction sets it apart from other textiles: it’s solution-dyed, meaning that the colors are part of the fibers even before they’re woven. It won’t fade, and even bleach can’t damage it.

At Your Patio Store, we create custom pieces that are recognizable for their unique styling. We’ve found that, among the best materials used for outdoor furniture, we prefer aluminum frames powder coated in a variety of finishes and colors. They’re accented by straps woven from Duraweave, a material so hard-wearing it’s also used on boats. It’s a formula that wears well and looks elegant on high-end patio bar stools, sectionals, daybeds, dining sets, and much more.

Other pieces feature unique materials such as Duraboard tabletops and wood-grained porcelain inlay. See, and feel, it allfor yourself at the Your Patio Store showroom in Ft. Lauderdale, or contact us for a consultation.