Tips for Choosing Patio Bar Stools

Tips for Choosing Patio Bar Stools

Tips for Choosing Patio Bar Stools

Patio bars aren’t just used for evening entertainment. Once you find a setup that you love, you’ll find endless uses for it: Sunday brunch, refreshment breaks for the kids in the summer heat, and even an outdoor office on beautiful days. To keep the bar multifunctional, it’s key to have the perfect seating for you and your guests. Keep in mind these tips for choosing patio bar stools, and they’ll be a favorite destination for everyone.


Your bar seating should ensure that your arms rest comfortably on the bar with plenty of room for your legs. Measure the space between the floor and your bar, then determine seat height, which is the distance between the floor and the seat. If it’s between 30 and 36 inches, it’ll work with bars between 40 and 46 inches high. Test a chair as often as you need to make sure that it’s at the optimal height.


It’s a mistake to have chairs too close together anywhere, much less at a patio bar, where people will be getting in and out in lower lighting. It shouldn’t feel claustrophobic at the bar. There should be 26 to 30 inches between the center of one stool and the next. When they’re next to a wall, stools should have at least 14 inches of space to the center of the seat. If you want additional seating for entertaining, buy some more lightweight stools that will store well.


No bar stool can compete with a recliner for comfort, but it’s a quality that shouldn’t be disregarded, either. You want to be able to stay for a while. This is a personal preference, with some customers preferring sling seats and others selecting seat cushions and back pillows. Cushions give you the option to customize the stool with your favorite fabric or something with a pop of color.


Go ahead and laugh, but enjoying a cocktail while perched a fair distance from the ground can be a problematic combination. Think about who’ll be using your bar the most and if they’ll need more stable accommodations. If you hesitated at all, choose wider-set legs, more seat surface, and stools with arms.


Outdoor entertaining is, by definition, more casual, so high-end patio bar stools go a long way toward keeping it classic. One of our best tips for choosing patio bar stools is choosing a style that’s an extension of your interior aesthetic. Custom upholstery can really set them apart. Different collections have very different effects, from wicker to braided Duraweave. Don’t forget that a stool’s finish is an important consideration—for instance, a sleek, silver structure fits well with more modern décor.

Your Patio Store can be a valuable resource as you create the perfect outdoor space. Stop by and see us in Ft. Lauderdale, or contact us for a consultation.

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  • Jason Stofiel