Top Mistakes Made When Buying Patio Furniture

Furnishing a backyard used to be easier, but it was also a lot less fun. Chaise lounges were flimsy; vinyl cushions were stiff and squeaked loudly; dining sets were cheap and looked it. Now, your outdoor space can be anything you want it to be. The top mistakes made when buying outdoor furniture stem from not taking advantage of all the options you have available. Don’t commit these basic blunders.

Forgetting Function

Before you start browsing, think about how you can get the most use out of your patio. Are you hoping to eventually entertain there, or would you like to create an area for some quiet reading? Would you like to gather the family around a backyard fire pit or encourage your kids to play there during the day? Your backyard is found space, and you should maximize it.

Neglecting Color

Your patio may be surrounded by a rainbow of blooming flowers, but don’t worry—injecting some bright colors into your outdoor upholstery won’t compete with nature’s built-in décor. If you’re too afraid to invest in anything riskier than neutrals, you can add more personality with rugs and cushions. Fabrics are made with newer materials that won’t fade the way they used to.

Not Customizing

If you’re just buying a generic furniture set off the showroom floor, you’re missing out on the chance to get something that’s uniquely, irresistibly you. Make your patio an extension of your interior decorating scheme or establish an entirely different energy. Work with an expert to customize your material, finish, size, and fabric.

Ignoring Quality

Is it comfortable, timeless, stable, and sturdy? Would it look amazing in your house, too? Today’s patio furniture costs a little more if you want to ensure long-term use, but if it makes you want to linger longer in nature, you’re buying a better quality of life as well. Test out the furniture, make sure all the pieces work together, and invest in it as much as you would the furniture in your living room.

One of the top mistakes made when buying patio furniture is limiting yourself to what you grew up with. Nowadays, yards can compete with your interiors for comfort, convenience, and style. Outdoor living can look like anything you want it to, so take advantage of the opportunity to create your own personal oasis. If you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture in Fort Lauderdale, stop by Your Patio Store for some inspiration, or contact us for a consultation.